Project Introduction
Project Name: Community Pharmacy Management System with Drug Label Redesign
  • Disciplines in collaboration: HLS & IT
Key Features:

A comprehensive community pharmacy management system co-created to streamline the daily operation of community pharmacies;

A set of new drug labels and promotion materials designed to enhance medication compliance.

Project Description:

The Community Pharmacy Management System with Drug Label Redesign project is a co- creation effort involving students from different programmes and industry partners. The project aims to nurture our young talents to apply what they have learnt on system development and multimedia design to solve real-life problems. Through working with industry partners, they can gain valuable project development experience and create social impact.

The system is designed to streamline the daily operation of community pharmacies, including patient record management, drug database and inventory management, as well as point-of- sales system. It alleviates the workload of pharmacists and dispensers, enabling them to spend more time on patient care. On the other hand, the new drug label is specially created for the elderly and their caregivers to enhance medication compliance.

The project aims to design a new community pharmacy system framework to address the current challenges and the future service needs of community pharmacy and primary care, as well as to empower the pharmacy sector to provide more patient-centric services. Moreover, the objectives of drug label redesign are to develop easy-to-read drug labels, which helps patients follow medication instructions and enhance medication compliance, and to raise public awareness of the importance of drug labels and improve patients' compliance to prescription regimens.

The community pharmacy management system is being deployed in the partnering community pharmacies operated by Lok Sin Tong, Health in Action and other NGOs in 2021.

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