Project Introduction
Project Name: Nutritive 3D Printed Food for the Elderly
  • Discipline involved: HLS

Key Features:
Creation of attractive and nutritious 3D dishes for the elderly with the use of 3D food printing technology

Project Description:

The ageing population trend drives the needs for developing healthy food and dishes with appropriate texture, attractive appearance and tastes for the elders with chewing and swallowing difficulties, and those whose oral intake is affected by chronic diseases. Customization of nutritive food products by incorporating innovative health technology - 3D food printing will be one of the solutions in serving nutritive and enjoyable food for the elders.

3D food printing integrates the creation of nutritive recipes for the elderly in meeting their energy and nutrient requirements, as well as the development of specialized food formulation for printing. With 3D food printing, pureed food could be shaped into attractive food products. This may increase the appetite of the elders and regain their food enjoyment, which helps improve their nutritional status.

The outcomes of this project aim to cultivate the culture of innovative technology, as well as care and concerns for the elderly population among the youths; to nurture the creative youngsters with nutrition background to help uplifting the standards of healthy 3D food printing, and to demonstrate the incorporation of nutrition knowledge into the possible applications of 3D food printing to the community and related industries.

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