Project Introduction
Project Name: i + Home
  • Disciplines and OUs in collaboration: ENG & HLS & IoT Centre & STEM Centre
Key Features:

IoT-based Smart Home System for seniors living alone

Project Description:

The project involves the development of an IoT platform and a set of sensors for monitoring the elderly persons, especially those living alone, who are at high risk of home accidents. In order to minimize the risk of domestic accidents to the elderly with dementia, the "IoT plus Home" system with multiple safety features has been developed to keep their home safe when they are alone. The elderly would be alerted to the potential dangers from happening. E.g. If the stove or water tap has been left on while they are away from home, alerts will be triggered to remind the elderly user and send a message to his/her family members or warden to avoid dangerous consequences such as fire or overflow. Furthermore, according to the HKSAR Government, in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, U-shaped water traps must be filled with water. A U- trap Refill Automator is integrated in this system to ensure that water is regularly filled into the u-traps by an automatic refill function, and the system also notifies users if the water level is too low. It is an effective and efficient way to monitor the U-trap and maintain a desired water level.

To maintain household safety, the "IoT plus Home" system has been developed to include a gas detector, an infrared sensor and a water flow sensor, while a U-trap Refill Automator is used to identify and monitor abnormal cases or accidents in the homes of the elderly and patients and alert them to those risky situations.

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